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Amazing show

Highly recommend this show! I love learning more about this side of tech. I’ve been on my own de-googling path for quite a while and this is finally going to give me the motivation to dive into graphene. Thanks again!

Big Dog Energy

absolutely brilliant i say. you have inspired me to make moves i knew i needed to work on my opsec but didn't know how to go about it....the hated one was my first love but i have space for you too. :-> this pandemic really woke me up with all their hypocritical behavior and full faced lies....keep going strong bro you have helped people don't ever forget that...and i got some heavy questions for you about graphenOS keen for that tech would love to see your answer...keep up the great work

Soothing Voice & Easy to understand

Thank you for making a podcast that specialized on privacy and related stuff!

3/8 - Great Episode

Thanks for sharing and challenging us to do more personal OpSec. Love the show. CR

Best Privacy podcast ever!!!

This podcast has been a life-saver. It is must listen. I tell anyone who will listen about this show. It's so refreshing to finally find someone who is as passionate about privacy and online security as I am. After listening to this podcast I have the courage to start taking my privacy back when online and make myself a smaller target for attackers. The internet gets scarier every day and this helps so much to know there are things I can do to fight big tech. Inspirational and informative.

Closed ntwrk

This podcast has some amazing information. This should be shared with everyone especially kids who are always n the internet.

Time well spent

I will need to listen to this again since today’s episode was so jam packed with valuable information. I got here from No Agenda, ITM .

So much value in these tips!

Great guidelines on privacy and how to start protecting your identity. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Keep making more!

Very informative and insightful. I’m learning that I have a lot to learn about privacy.

A must listen!!

Am incredibly eye opening, informative take on modern problems most of us know nothing about. Do yourself a favor and listen now!!