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Oct. 27, 2021

Take Control Of Online Purchases and Subscriptions

Take Control Of Online Purchases and Subscriptions

I recently discussed this as well as a few other topics on Episode 3 of the podcast. I felt that it

If you have been looking for a way to reduce your exposure to the leak or breach of your credit card information then you may want to consider using a service like I have been using their service for about two years now and I have been extremely satisfied with the product.

What is and why should I take Simon's word for it?

It is a website that allows you to connect your bank account and utilize it like a virtual debit card. You will have to allow access to your bank account so this is one downside. On the upside you will have the ability to create one time use credit cards that you can use without using a real billing address when you make online purchases.

You can also generate virtual cards that have a spending limit on different time intervals. This is particularly useful if you want to setup a subscription service to and application or streaming outlet but you want to make sure you are not over-billed on a given month.

You can also set monthly spending limits for virtual cards for kids to use. This can be a life saver if you let your kids purchase apps and games on their mobile devices.

I've been really happy with the service and it's a great way to shield your financial data in the event of a data breach on a website where your financial data is being stored.


*I have no affiliation with I'm just a regular person that has been using the service like anyone else.