Privacy & Security Podcast For All


First off I want to congratulate you for taking the time to invest into your personal digital protection journey. My name is Simon and I run this website and podcast as a passion project to remove the some of the ambiguous layers and jargon as it pertains to the technical aspects of privacy and security in the information security space.

My desire is that my work can inspire and motivate people around the world to take those first steps to start taking back their data and limit the personal data collection performed by corporations and surveillance state nations. This work isn't intended to make people "disappear" from the internet necessarily but to take back the control to which degree your information is being collected and sold for profit.

This is a privacy and security podcast focused on the everyday person and using simple tools and techniques to become a smaller target for online attacks. Learn to protect yourself using VPNs, DeGoogled phones, VPNs, TOR, end to end encrypted communications, and techniques to help become more private online. Visit the website for more information:


- Executive Producer of the No Agenda Podcast Episode #1399. In The Morning.